I spent a part of my childhood living under the roof of my grandmother, who I affectionately called nana. Every morning before the school bus came, she led a mini bible study. My nana was very religious and we were all raised to believe in the power of prayer. We weren’t just told we had to pray or taught how we should do it. It was such a big part of our life that I remember us even having special prayer meetings. In these meetings, we would pray over the changes we wanted to see in our family and individual lives. I even took it a step further and would pray at least twice a day. As a child, I was aware of the setbacks I faced living in a single-parent home. But prayer eased my anxiety and fear. From my life experiences, I grew to understand the more I prayed, the more visible the yellow brick road became. I now know for certain that prayer makes your dreams a reality. Just think about when you first buy a car. Doesn’t it seem like you can’t escape seeing cars like yours on the road? You wonder, where did all of these people come from with this car now that you have one? This is because your focus has changed. Since your mind is on this new car you’re driving, everything around you begins to manifest that thought. Prayers are like getting a new car. We open our minds and hearts to God for him to give us this new vision, or even just peace about it. Once we have it, just like the new car, we’ll soon find ourselves spotting blessings everywhere. As I got older, I learned about the law of attraction. This law proved to me the power of our thoughts and that it wasn’t just on God. Our thoughts have to match the life we want and the person we hope to become. I have seen people swear by this law so much in their life that it is as common to their day as breathing. When I learned about the law of attraction, I realized just how much my thoughts were holding me back.

Just like my prayers, I became intentional in how I was thinking and acting to manifest the life of my dreams. I have seen my dreams come true through adopting this lifestyle time and time again.

Believers often learn to pray in the infant phases of our faith. So, it’s easy for it to become just another thing we do. As I grew into a man, I realized prayer was less about me asking for something but an attempt to align the things I wanted to attract with God’s will. It’s scary to think about God’s will over our own because we don’t know if it will be favorable to us. What if the will of God is for you to become homeless? What if the will of God is for you to become the next President of the U.S.? What if you wanted neither of these things? As scary as all of that may seem, the good and the bad, God’s will in the end is always best for us. I learned that coming out of the darkest times in my life. Praying to Him through it all made me see the power in my pain and gave me the strength and vision to get out of it.

Out of all things prayer has shown me, it’s the mystery of God that amazes me the most. I see how we are granted our prayers without even realizing it because it’s wrapped differently.

Take my nana, for example. The woman who showed me the power of prayer still prays for a million dollars and checks for it in her mailbox every day. My nana is over 70 years old and used to work for the school system as a cafeteria worker until I told her that she didn’t have to work anymore. I bought her a home, make the payments, and also give her money for bills. Her children make sure she has everything she needs. She always wanted a million dollars so she could simply take care of herself and her loved ones. My nana has all of that and more. God granted her prayers without her even realizing it. Prayer is powerful. Prayer continues to be a working force in my life. It challenges me to work harder as a servant and dive deeper to what I am called on this earth to do. To see just how far prayer has gotten me, read my book The Breaking Point to take a diver deep into my testimony.

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