I am obsessed with self-improvement. I lose myself in books, videos, and the energy of other people that motivate me to be better. I’m constantly looking for resources to grow spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally. There is not one moment that I am not thinking about how I can become my highest form of self. I love the thrill associated with self-improvement and growth because of the zest it adds to my life. It feels good to make a daily commitment to be better than you were the day before. That’s why my first successism is self-mastery.

Self-mastery leads to success because success is personal. The biggest mistake we make is believing that success is this general set of accomplishment that applies to everyone. Every dream inside of each of us is personal to our own story and beliefs. That’s why you can’t have true success without self-mastery. Just think about it what if everyone could shoot the ball as good Steph Curry? Would we still hold our breath when he shoots the ball? Would we marvel over the crazy shots he hit almost effortlessly as if everybody else could do the same? The fact is that like Steph Curry, we are all meant to have this gift that is distinct and special to us. By focusing on the development of ourselves, we become masters of the life that leads to our greatest success.

One thing learned about self-mastery is that it isn’t this big bang or lightbulb moment. It’s a series of everyday decisions and interactions with people. Whenever I’m around people, no matter where I am, I try to be my best self. I notice that just by being conscious of how I treat people consistently, I change lives and further discover my purpose. In a world that is constantly trying to force people to conform, I urge everyone to look within for something that makes them completely different. Use that uniqueness to connect with others around you. See how they open up and start becoming their most authentic self. Then, see how it makes you feel and motivates you to be better each day.

What prevents a lot of us from mastering self is the thoughts and commentary of other people. Throughout my journey, I regularly bump into people who question my outlook on life and personal decisions. There were people close to me that were against every step I made. They were consumed by the mindset of the majority and wanted to project their beliefs on me. No matter how hard I worked, it was as if it wasn’t enough if I wasn’t conforming to the norm. That’s why I know that blocking out the voices of others is imperative on the road to being your greatest self.

It’s not just about blocking out the voice of others but letting in the voice of God. You have to have extreme confidence in God’s will to become your greatest self. No one knows you like your Creator, not even yourself. Without looking to Him for the answers, you will keep coming up short. That’s why spirituality is one of my biggest forms of self-mastery. I make it a priority to have spiritual practices like prayer embedded into my everyday life. No matter how busy I am, I look at my relationship with God as my top-priority. My spiritual life is my energy source and where I find myself the most.

As I already mentioned, the road to self-mastery is a daily journey. I have come to love the process of getting better each day by embracing each morning as a new beginning. Even picturing myself as a new person each day, going through the day I get to determine who I would like to be by the end of it. Every aspect of your life requires all of your attention, especially your spiritual life, to become the person you need to be to gain your greatest success.


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